Jesus tram

As you already know, since 1st of August the Jesus tram has been making its way around Prague.

This is a project aimed at raising awareness about Jesus Christ and Christianity in a modern and gentle way.

If you are interested in this project you can support it in several ways.

Take a picture with the Jesus Tram!

The basic way you can support the Jesus Tram is to take a picture with it and share it on social media.

Don’t hesitate to send us your photos and videos with the Jesus Tram to

Those pictures and videos we will share on our social media. Feel free to share Jesus tram with your friends, parents, church members, and others, or you can repost others’ people posts. The more people will know about the tram, the better is it.

Donate to the Jesus tram!

You have the opportunity to give any amount to the Jesus tram through the account 2000711397/2010, VS 320 put “Jesus tram” in the note. This is the account of CBH Praha (Apostolic Church) under VS 302 we keep the accounts for the National Awakening. The payments for the tram come from this account (VS 320). You can also support the tram with one of the amounts mentioned below:

  • Support an hour: 230,-
  • Support a day: 5500,-
  • Support a month: 105 200,-

The amounts for an hour and for a day include the average cost of making and installing the tram’s design. You can donate by the account listed or by using the attached QR code.

Buy a Jesus tram

Lastly, we want to encourage you to consider similar support for Christianity in your city, whether it’s during the November campaign or at another time. It doesn’t have to be an entire tram or bus wrap. Some smaller wraps can be acquired for tens of thousands crowns. We’d be happy to help you with buying and selecting advertising at However, in the end, you can also wrap your own car, so think about that as well.