What’s next?

How can I get to know God better?

How can I develop a personal relationship with God as a loving Father? What does it mean to give my life to Jesus?

Do you have these questions? On this page, you will find the basics to help you get started.

New Life and Relationship with God

What happens when I receive Jesus into my heart?

The moment a person decides to receive Jesus into their heart, they give God permission to start working in their life. They become His child and begin a new life in every area as God intended. All sins are forgiven, and a new life begins.



Why should I forgive?

Forgiveness should be a natural part of a person’s everyday life, especially for those who live with God. Unforgiveness is highly destructive. It acts like poison on our minds. It prevents us from hearing God’s voice, and His guidance, and even disrupts healthy human relationships. In practice, this means not holding onto the wrongs that others have done to you.

Jesus encourages us to forgive. Everything has already been forgiven through the grace that Jesus obtained for us on the cross.

Water Baptism


What is water baptism?

Baptism in water is a symbol of the decision for a new life in Christ and cleansing from the bad things that man has done. By entering and being immersed in the water, one renounces the old way of life and embraces the new one. It is an affirmation of faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to a covenant with God.

The Word of God


Why should I read the Bible?

As the most reliable and well-known source in the world, the Bible is the revelation of God’s will for man. It simply serves as a guide for how to live on Earth. Even though it may be a controversial writing for others, it is an irreplaceable book for Christians. It is said that the Bible is the Living Word. In various situations, it provides us with guidance and solutions, offering insights and directions for life.



Why should I pray?

Prayer is a means of communicating with God – the Creator who loves humanity. Some people pray to draw closer to God, thanking Him for the blessings in their lives. Others use prayer to convey their desires and needs to God. Prayer also serves as a source of comfort, hope, and strength in difficult situations. There is no rule or formula for prayer. It can be done anytime and anywhere, in your spirit or out loud. There are also prayers in tongues given by the Holy Spirit. The key to prayer lies in sincerity and humility of the heart.



Why go to church?

Church is a community of Christians. It’s a place where people can draw inspiration from one another and learn how they deal with different situations in life. It includes Sunday worship services, where people come together to focus on God and His character. They play praise songs, reflect on specific topics through sermons, and encourage each other with personal testimonies. It provides the potential to build relationships with both people and God.

I want to be connected with believers in my area.

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