Support National awakening

Regional level

At the regional/city level, we want to encourage you to do the following. Some things are good to arrange in advance. Others can be left until November:
1. Distribute flyers throughout the city/district/region – we have 300,000 of them, let us know how many you need.
2. Utilize local advertising spaces – CLV on public transportation stops, billboards – ideally near shopping centers, along main roads, or various posters.
3. Advertise inside or outside public transportation vehicles. Alternatively, leave flyers there. You can also decorate your cars with advertisements.
4. Use social media to spread the Gospel (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube). Share your testimonies about the living God.
5. Get the Gospel into local/regional/national newspapers.
6. Engage in evangelism – public, inside buildings, personal evangelism on the streets/at work – organized/unorganized. We can also inform about larger evangelistic events in your cities on the National Awakening website.
7. Adjust existing church activities to serve new people coming in.
8. Create new structures within the church for new believers.

You can (but don’t have to) coordinate all your activities with other churches in your city/region. The planned joint purchase of advertising spaces is canceled. Please proceed individually. Graphics are attached (we will add more templates within two weeks). If you have any questions regarding graphics/modifications to different dimensions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

National level

If you are thinking about getting involved in the National Awakening at the national level, here are a few tips for you:
1. You can support the Jesus tram. Half of it is paid for, and further contributions are welcome. 2. You can send your contributions to [insert address].
3. You can purchase badges and t-shirts from our e-shop and wear them.
4. You can send us photos of you with the National Awakening graphics so that we can share them on social media.
5. You can send us short videos (up to one minute long) where you share testimonies of how God acts, speaks, and heals in your lives. We want to continue sharing testimonies of the living God.
We would like to spread the gospel through nationwide mass media such as, television, etc. If you have any tips, resources, or contacts, we would appreciate them. At the very least, please pray for this intention.
6. Save the date for Saturday, November 25th. From 1 pm, we are planning a Jesus March in Prague, and from 4 pm to 9 pm, we are planning a Festive Closing of this year’s National Awakening campaign in Bethlehem Chapel. We will pray together and share what God has been doing in the Czech Republic during November.
If you feel compelled to support us with a larger financial contribution, we have prepared budget estimates. We can provide them to serious interested parties.