“Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Mark 16:15

Our vision

“National Awakening” is an initiative originally started by Connect Disciples Prague (CBH Prague). The initiative aims to reach every person in the Czech Republic with the Gospel during the month of November 2023. So we are not talking about one big evangelistic event, but a month of celebrating the gospel, where people will encounter the gospel everywhere: on public transport, in newspapers, in mailboxes, on billboards, on social media, in the media and in person.

To give you a better idea of how to prepare for the National Awakening, we have put together several tutorials in collaboration with our partners to guide you through “How to Social Network”, “How to Evangelize”, “Who We’re Looking For”” How to prepare a church”, “How to reach a city”, “How to capture people”. We want to encourage you to go through the tutorials, improve your church’s social media and website presence, and prepare properly for November.

It is better to address things sooner rather than later.

How to reach the city

How to prepare the church

How to catch people

How to use social networks

How to evangelize

Who are we looking for?

Movement of the nameless

The next movement of saints will be the movement of the nameless ones.
We believe that the next movement of God’s people will not be about big names, but about individual believers like you and me. We believe that each one of us can be part of the plan of the Lord to bring about in the Czech Republic and Europe.


From January to May we are planning the first series of preparatory events “National Revival Camps”. During that time, until the end of August, people could sign up for our coordination map, including their level of involvement – if they want to help at the city, county or regional level. At the end of August, we will identify the county, district and city leaders who will be in charge of each part of the campaign in their respective locations. Then during November we want to get the Gospel to every person in Bohemia. We expect to have city-by-city campaigns, with people being invited to each participating congregation on four Sundays, namely November 5, November 12, November 19, and November 26.


We realize that the vision is rather large, and that it cannot be done by an individual or a small group of people. So we reached out to all denominations, individual congregations, and Christian media and festivals with the vision. In order not to leave the whole work to chance, we are also preparing two series of preparatory events where we will “mobilize” the church to pray together for the whole vision, share together, teach about prayer and spiritual warfare, and go evangelistic together as well (this is voluntary, of course). See the “National Revival Camps” section for a list of planned events. This list will be updated over time. You can also check out the “How To” videos.


Campaigns in individual cities will be paid for by the participating congregations. Since the people reached will be directed to these congregations, it seems fair to us. In addition, contributions can be made to a central account. This money will go towards the administration of the initiative, the preparatory events, some of the materials and possibly the campaigns in the regional cities. Feel free to indicate in the memo what you want the money to be used for. The central account is 2000711397/2010, VS 320; accounts for individual cities will be added gradually on the contacts subpage.


We understand that a one-off event is unlikely to change the Czech Republic. On the other hand, a month-long campaign during which we will intensively share the Gospel will bring the desired breakthrough and will be a catalyst for the spiritual transformation of society and, consequently, for its moral renewal. Especially if during that time our God is heard of and supported by intensive prayers in advance.

How to get involved?

You can get involved in several ways:

1/ You can  participate in the map that will be used to coordinate the final implementation of the National Awakening – you can indicate the level of your involvement and your preferred activities – at the level of the region, district or city.

2/ You can support the initiative prayerfully, which is also very crucial for us. Especially important are prayers for unity and according to the Gospels Matthew 9:38, Luke 10:2.

3/ You can help organize the preparatory events for the “National Revival Camps”. We would especially welcome help in organizing both awareness in the churches and in organizing at the local, regional or national level.

4/ In any other way the Holy Spirit leads you. We are also collecting individual testimonies for the encouragement of the church in the Czech Republic. Selected testimonies will then be included in the newsletter “God’s News”

5/ You can support the initiative financially – to the central account 2000711397/2010, VS 320, where you can send money that will be used for preparatory events, coordinators, part of the materials. Later on you can contribute directly in your area for the implementation in your city, district or region.

About us

Connect Disciples Prague

The goal of Connect as a ministry of equipping disciples is to mobilize as many workers as possible for God’s harvest in the shortest time possible.
We have noticed that the common goal of the church is to reach people, equip them, and then release them for further service to the Lord. And this is exactly what we are helping with – equipping disciples and releasing them for further service. The spiritual growth of people who already live with the Lord is crucial for spreading the Gospel not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide.

An equipped disciple of Jesus Christ needs to be able to act not only in the physical but also in the spiritual realm. That is why we need to know our identity as sons and daughters of God, our position in the spiritual realm, and its functioning, as well as the power of God. Therefore, we want to bring teaching about our identity as sons and daughters of God and operating in the power of the Spirit through equipping the disciples to every district in the Czech Republic, regardless of denomination.